About Us

The cats at Fat Cat Creamery handcraft unique, small-batch ice cream with local ingredients.

We make our ice cream with whole milk, heavy cream, sugar, egg yolks, and only the finest flavorings. Our milk and heavy cream come from Texas dairy farmers Mill-King Creamery in McGregor, Texas, and our eggs are delivered twice a week by Ole Dad Farms. Our good friends at The Barry Farm bring us figs, citrus, and other fresh ingredients we put in our ice cream.

The cats believe in sustainability, evidenced by our packaging. Our ice cream pints and single-serve packages are made of leftover wheat straw and are compostable. We use spoons made of environmentally friendly materials such as bio-plastics and cornstarch.

Our Vendors

How It Started

Ice cream is our favorite food, and we couldn’t get any in Houston Heights.

What’s a cat to do about that? Start an ice cream company, of course.

We started by making it on evenings and weekends in a shared commercial kitchen, grinding away after our day jobs. Two and a half years after “jokingly” declaring we’d open an ice cream shop in our neighborhood, the kitty dream was realized and our little parlour opened.

Nothing’s better than hearing our fans say our ice cream is the best they’ve ever had. Us cats know it’s about our amazing local ingredients, and because we create every batch of ice cream and every topping from scratch, right here in our parlour kitchen. Purr.

The cats

Yes, I really do need all of these cats.

All day, every day. That’s how thankful we are to have each and every one of our “cats,” aka our amazing employees. Finding a bunch of cats who care about our ice cream as much as we do isn’t easy, but we’ve got ‘em, and we love ‘em. Meow.